Best Banks that offer Students Loans

The conventional banks are among the best institutions that provide student loans, but private online lenders are offering loans. Which financial institutions provide student loans? Few. Only a small number of traditional brick and mortar banks currently provide private loan programs, despite their former prominence in student lending. One of these banks can provide you with a better interest rate if you currently use them. However, evaluate the rates offered by other lenders and make sure you take advantage of all federal loans before looking into any private options.


This article provides information about obtaining a private student loan from a bank, along with a list of banks that offer and don’t offer student loans.

Banks That Offer Student Loans

1. PNC Private Student Loan:

Key facts

If you currently have an account with the bank, PNC does not provide you with an additional interest rate discount.

Advantages: The autopay interest rate reduction is greater than what most lenders provide.

Cons: No official options for forbearance.

A hard credit check is required before you can find out what rate and whether you qualify.


A typical accepted borrower’s credit score is: didn’t reveal.

Minimum income: Nothing was revealed.

Amounts borrowed: $1,000 to $50,000.

Available Durations

5. Forty or fifteen years.

2. LendKey Private Student Loan

Key facts

LendKey offers private student loans through partnerships with credit unions and community banks.


An 18-month forbearance period is longer than what many lenders provide.


Without a hard credit check, it is impossible to determine your eligibility and the rate you will receive.

During the grace period and while attending school, payment is necessary.


Approved borrowers’ average credit score is 748.

The annual minimum income is $24,000.

$1,000 in loans, up to the cost of attendance less any additional aid received.

Available Durations

5, 10, or 15 years. Still, only a small number of national banks provide private student loans. Among them are:


A few community banks use outside agencies to offer private loans.

like LendKey. State banks may include the Bank of North Dakota, for instance.

provide loan programs for students residing in the state or enrolled at its colleges.

Numerous largest and most renowned financial institutions and banks in the

Private student loans are not available in the US and include:

American Express.

Wells Fargo.

How to apply for a bank student loan Prior to taking out a loan, if you’ve located a bank that provides student loans, do the following:

Pay off all federal student loans. Only private student loans are offered by banks. Because of their low fixed rates and strong consumer protections, federal student loans—both subsidized and unsubsidized—should be fully utilized before taking out those. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student help, or FAFSA, will determine your eligibility for federal student help.

Examine offers in comparison. Compare private student loans to receive the best deal if federal loans aren’t enough to pay all of your expenses. Verify your credentials. When it comes to their financial needs, banks can be reticent. However, private lenders usually want you to have a credit score higher than 670 and sufficient income to cover all of your bills and debts. Banks could have further specifications.

Submit an application to the bank. The application procedure can probably be finished on the bank’s website. If your local or smaller bank is not affiliated with a lending platform such as LendKey, find out what steps you need to do to finish your documentation.

Which bank has the best student loan?

The least expensive student loan is usually the best one. That could come from a bank, particularly if it lowers your interest rate through a loyalty discount. But consider all of your options if your bank does not offer a student loan program. While some banks have a more recognizable name than others, there are respectable online lenders who provide fast preapproval in addition to other things you might find valuable in a bank. As an illustration:

shopping in one place. Internet lender Apart from student loans, SoFi offers other products including mortgages and investment accounts. This is comparable to the ease of use that banks provide in dealing with just one financial institution. extended experience. Education Loan Finance, or ELFI, is a Tennessee-based subsidiary of South-east Bank rather than a separate bank. For twenty-five years, ELFI, a nonprofit, has assisted student borrowers.


Our survey of over 29 banks, credit unions, and online lenders who offer student loans and student loan refinancing includes the top 10 lenders by market share, the top 10 lenders by volume of internet searches, and lenders that serve niche or non-traditional markets. We consider 40 qualities and data components for each financial institution.

These consist of lengthier grace periods, internal customer assistance, accessibility for applicants in all states, information about the minimum credit score and income requirements, the possibility for biweekly payments via autopay, depending on the category. One star indicates poor quality, while five stars indicate great quality. Every rating is expressed to the nearest half-star.


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