Live transferred mortgage leads

Live transferred mortgage leads

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Live transfer leads are a type of real-time lead. In the live transfer lead process, a lead service


provider connects with an insurance lead over the phone and screens them to be sure they’re


interested in acquiring the types of insurance products that you offer.

What Are Live Transfer Leads?


Live transfer leads are a type of real-time lead. In the live transfer lead process, a lead

service provider connects with an insurance lead over the phone and screens them to


be sure they’re interested in acquiring the types of insurance products that you offer.


Once the prospect’s interest is verified, the lead provider routes the call straight to you

with the customer’s approval.


Since these customers are actively pursuing insurance, a live call lead is more valuable than

other types of leads other lead providers send you. In addition, with other types of insurance

leads, the customer’s interest may have already waned, so they are no longer looking to buy insurance. ‍

Real-Time Leads vs. Aged Leads: What’s the Difference?

Unlike other types of leads, live call transfer leads are already on the phone waiting to

speak with you about buying insurance. These leads have already had their interest in purchasing

insurance verified. Here are a few differences between these kinds of real-time leads and aged

leads to help you understand how live call transfer leads can be more effective in

helping your agency grow.

Aged leads

An aged lead may be one to three months old that previously expressed interest.

You have no guarantee that aged leads haven’t already been pursued by other agents

by the time you contact them. With live transfer leads, you know that the lead is

fresh and has verified interest in purchasing insurance.

According to recent studies, it could take as many as 18 calls to connect with a

serious prospect, and call-back rates are below 1%. Aged lead calling results are

inconsistent at best and not the most efficient use of your time or money.

All of these leads have a place in your sales strategy, but live transfer leads may help

you take your closing rate to the next level.

Real-time leads

Real-time leads arrive within minutes after a prospect fills out a questionnaire or

fills out a form expressing an interest in buying insurance. Real-time leads differ from

live transfer leads in that real-time leads are not pre-screened to meet your criteria,

whereas live transfer leads are qualified to be a good fit for the insurance products you

provide. Plus, their call comes directly to you, rather than you having to call them.

Benefits of Live Transfer Leads for Insurance Agents

According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, the pandemic has

resulted in a significant increase in insurance consumers who are financially impacted

and are looking for cheaper insurance premiums to compensate for their financial hardship.

With live transfer insurance leads, you can immediately get in touch with insurance

consumers who are looking for reduced rates and have indicated an interest in acquiring

the insurance products you sell. There are a variety of advantages to live transfer insurance

leads, which we’ll look at in detail below.

Save Time

Instead of scouring the internet for leads or getting the runaround from online insurance

leads, live transfer calls allow you to reach the lead right away. These types of leads

ensure that a lead is available to speak with you, so you won’t have to waste time playing

phone tag, sending back-and-forth emails, or chasing down leads. You’ll save time, meaning

you’ll have more time to interact with more leads and close more sales.

Have a Smoother Sales Process

When you use live call transfers, you never have to worry about rushing through the

process to keep their attention. You also don’t have to be overly aggressive, which

can turn off potential clients. Because you don’t have to worry about whether the

client is actually interested in purchasing insurance, you can focus all of your efforts on

making their purchase process smooth and seamless.

No missed contacts

That’s right — with live transfer leads you no longer have to worry about having to leave

a message or phone calls that go straight to voicemail. Instead, you talk to every single

prospect that’s transferred to you. You save time by not having to repeatedly call back

the same customers only to end up leaving another voicemail message.

Get more receptive customers

As you begin to utilize live transfer insurance lead services, you may notice your

customers are more attentive. The whole tone of the sales conversation changes

because prospective buyers are the ones who initiate contact with you. As the

initiator of the conversation, customers feel more in command of the situation and

will respond accordingly. When you speak, they will pay attention, stay calm, and

be much more receptive to what you have to say. This means less work for you and a

more enjoyable experience for everyone engaged in the transaction.

Receive higher intent leads

With live transfer insurance calls, the research is done for you. Every live transfer call

you receive is from a target consumer who has the predetermined criteria you have

specified, as well as a demonstrated interest in purchasing the types of insurance

products you provide. These consumers are eager to speak with you about getting

insurance and are often looking to buy a policy.

Convert more leads into sales

According to HubSpot data, 60% of customers want to connect with a live agent during

the sales process after researching their options, when they’re considering making a

final purchase. Your live call transfer leads are already looking to buy the type of insurance

products you sell, so it makes sense that you will convert more of these leads into actual sales.

Lower your customer acquisition costs

Marketing campaigns can get quite expensive. Traditional marketing strategies,

such as direct mailings, cold calling, email campaigns, digital advertising, and directory

advertising, all take time and money from your company’s resources. Furthermore,

you have no way of knowing how many high-intent prospects you will acquire as a

result of these lead acquisition strategies.

Live transfer prospects have a validated interest in purchasing insurance, and they call

you at their moment of interest, which shortens the customer acquisition process.

The only thing left for you to do after receiving the live transfer lead is to sell your products

directly to the customer.

Set your own schedule

Not every minute of your workday is a convenient time for you to receive live call transfer leads.

That is why it’s advantageous to you as an agent to have the freedom to set your own schedule.

With most live transfer services you can schedule live transfer calls when and where you want

them to make the best use of your time.

Develop a better-prepared sales pitch

Whether you are cold calling a prospect or responding to an internet lead, you never know

what ground you are going to have to cover with the potential customer. You may also have

to spend a lot of time and energy convincing the prospect of their need to purchase insurance.

With live transfer insurance leads, you are already past this point. The customer already

knows they need insurance, so you can target your sales pitch on presenting your insurance

products and finalizing the sale.

Don’t have to pay for bad leads

Every verified lead is not a guaranteed sale. Customers can always change their minds

about buying insurance. With the best live transfer call services, you have time to ask

qualifying questions to determine the customer’s intent to purchase a policy. If you determine

a customer is not a good fit; you will not have to pay for transfers that are not on the line

with you for a certain amount of time.

Focus less on marketing efforts

With a higher hit ratio from live transfer lead prospects, you will be able to build more

lifelong clients who are pleased with the service they receive from your insurance agency.

And with a steady stream of live transfer leads, you can focus less on marketing and generating

leads and more on relationship building. In turn, these lifelong customers may refer family,

friends, co-workers, and other acquaintances.

Dedicate your resources more efficiently

Once you’ve established a timetable for live transfer calls, you may devote your agency’s

best producers to speaking with these prospects while delegating other tasks, such

as servicing existing policyholders, to other employees. As a result, you’ll be able to

assign tasks more efficiently and make better use of your time and resources, resulting

in a higher return on investment for your business.

Work with a better hit ratio than internet leads

Live transfer leads are prospects who have spent time going through a pre-qualification

process and are actively looking to buy insurance. On the other hand, internet insurance

leads may have clicked on a link and filled out an online form to receive an insurance quote.

Even though the internet lead may still be interested, there is a better chance that a live

transfer lead is ready to buy a policy.

100% contact rate

When you receive live transfer lead calls, you can be confident that you will always have a

live prospect on the other end of the telephone line. When cold calling, you never know

whether you will be connected to a live person. Remove the element of uncertainty from

the sales process so you have a better chance of converting these leads into actual sales transactions.

Talk to prospects at the height of their interest

A live transfer lead is one that has gone through a pre-qualification procedure to ensure

that two things are true: (1) the consumer is currently shopping, and (2) the prospect fulfills

your criteria for a target customer. Only live leads who have expressed an interest in

purchasing a policy are forwarded to you for further consideration. These prospects are

actually interested in purchasing insurance, which means you will not be wasting your valuable time.

Improve ROI

With live call transfer leads, you’ll spend less money converting leads to sales. Since the

calls you receive are pre-screened and have a verified interest in buying insurance, you

won’t waste time and money chasing down cold leads. Spending less money means increased

profitability for your insurance business.

How To Make the Most of Your Live Call Transfers

As you can see, there are tremendous benefits to incorporating live call transfers into your

sales strategy. Here are a few tips for making the most of the live transfer leads you receive.

Choose your lead criteria carefully

Think carefully about the types of live call transfers you want to receive. Here are a few

questions to consider when choosing lead criteria.

  • What geographic locations do you want to receive insurance leads from?
  • What time of day is best for you to receive live transfers?
  • What types of insurance products do you want to offer?

Don’t be pushy

Sure, you have a verified lead on the phone, but you shouldn’t take the situation for granted.

Think about going to a car dealership. Have you ever gotten up and walked out because of

a pushy salesman?

Even though this is a phone conversation, the basic process is the same.

Let the conversation flow naturally. Remember, these leads’ interest in buying insurance

is already confirmed, so you don’t need high-pressure sales tactics.

Know your product

If you are a licensed insurance agent, you’ve had training about different insurance

products and should be able to talk about each product you sell intelligently. The problems

start when you sell many types of insurance products. Even though you have a general

knowledge of all types of insurance, you might not be fully prepared to answer all the

questions prospects may have, so a little extra research and study into every kind of

product you sell never hurts.

Follow up

As effective as real-time live calls are, every call will not result in an immediate sale.

Sometimes, you may have to put in a little extra legwork. For example, even though a

customer is interested, they may need to have a conversation with a significant other

before making a final purchasing decision.

So, when you cannot convert a live lead phone call into a final sale, don’t let the customer

off the phone before you schedule a follow-up meeting either on the phone, virtually, or in person.

Go with the customer and choose the type of meeting they are most comfortable scheduling with you.

Offer flexible payment plans

If you’ve been in the insurance business very long, you know that insurance payment plans are

not one-size-fits-all. For example, perhaps a prospect is ready to do business with you,

but the customer doesn’t quite have the down payment you require or finds the payment

plan you’ve offered a little too expensive.

Are you able to take a lower down payment? Can you offer another payment plan that fits

better into the customer’s monthly budget? A little payment flexibility can be the difference

between making a sale or losing a customer.

Grow Your Insurance Business With Live Transfer Leads

To grow your business, you need to connect with leads of all kinds, from cold calls to

real-time ones. Live transfer calls cost more than other leads, but they can give you

more bang for your buck if you’re looking to maximize your time selling.

Nectar wants to help you boost your insurance business with live transfer leads.

Until you can establish a strong base of insurance clientele, let us do the hard work for you.

We deliver high-intent live transfer insurance leads to you in real time so you can talk to

insurance customers at the height of their interest. As a result, you can focus more of your

time talking directly to customers and less time chasing down leads.

How Nectar’s Live Call Transfer Process Works

Nectar’s live transfer leads connect you with your ideal customers. Here is how the

process works on our end.

  1. You give us your criteria for your ideal live transfer lead. Tell us which types of insurance products you offer, what kind of risk profile you want, where you want the risk geographically located, along with other targeting filters.
  1. Once we have your ideal customer, we scour the internet using high-traffic sites to find consumers who have completed insurance applications to receive a quote. Next, we collect these applications and determine which customers would like to speak with an insurance agent by phone.
  1. After finding high-intent insurance customers wanting to speak with an agent, we call them to verify they still wish to talk to a live agent and that the customer matches your pre-selected criteria.
  1. We then send the live call transfer to you so you can easily convert the prospect into a completed sale. If you miss a call, you can receive a notification and contact the customer back when you are ready.

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